God has changed their lives

God changes lives. These people below are living testimony of His love and goodness. Discover their stories, sometimes touching and moving, sometimes funny or hard, but always with a common and amazing issue!

Mix of amazing stories
Jonathan, Brian, Jennifer, Emily, and Russ tell their amazing story of their encounters with God! Watch the video >>
Carla Matmati's story
Carla suffered much pain, slept around, got addicted to alcohol and drugs... but one day she heard a voice saying: "I still love you". Watch the video >>
The story of a man who fell in a hole
A modern parable, this insightful clip examines the life of a man searching through the promises of all the major religions of the world. Watch the video >>
Sammy Maloof's story
Sammy was organizing illegal car races in California and found himself lost into fights, pain, and money difficulties. One day, a man told him about Jesus and a simple prayer released a surprising power into his life. Watch the video >>